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Consulting Services

At Cynthia Farren Consulting, our Software Asset Management (SAM) consulting services are completely flexible in order to meet your business needs. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to appropriately manage your software licensing, ensuring risk management and cost savings.

While our services are completely customizable, the following are some common areas where we have helped our clients solve their SAM challenges:

  • SAM Maturity Assessment — Where are you today and where do you want to be in the future? Let us provide you with an assessment and actionable items to move you to where you need to be to ensure you are fully leveraging your software spend.
  • Licensing Negotiations — Negotiating a software license contract to ensure you are getting the full range of benefits available at the best possible price requires knowledge of product use rights, volume licensing agreements, the fulfillment channel and publisher specific opportunities. Let us help you negotiate your agreements and start saving today. Look at our Negotiations services for more details.
  • Software Audit Response — Whether you are contacted by a software publisher or an enforcement agency, this is not something to handle on your own. Let us put our in-depth knowledge and experience to work for you today to ensure that you are appropriately licensed, managing your business risk. Look at our Software Audit services for more details.
  • Volume Licensing Strategy Review — Ensure you are making your licensing decision based upon full disclosure and appropriate ROI analysis. Have an independent FARREN expert evaluate the recommendations being made by your reseller to ensure they are in your company’s best interest.
  • Volume Licensing True-Up’s or Renewals — We can help you perform your true-up or renewal evaluation to ensure that the decisions made are supporting your business demands. Your true-ups and renewals should be planned events that are reviewed to ensure they are meeting the company’s current and future business needs.

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